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Ethio-Asian Industries PLC, formally known as East Africa Kality soap and Detergent factory, is located at Kality, Addis Ababa

The 1st private sector factory in soaps and detergents started by well known industrialist and EATBI chairman Mr. Bizenu to manufacture Laundry soaps, Detergents and Toilet soaps.

This factory made the transition into a joint venture Company between East African Holdings, East African Group and Mr. B.S Shetty as General Manager cum Managing Partner in August 2007 and since then, its been functional under the banner of Ethio-Asian Industries PLC.

The Shareholders of Entity are

  • East African Holdings
  • East African Group
  • B. S. Shetty


To provide healthier, cleaner and better lifestyle for our customers, society and stakeholders.


Ethio Asian Industries PLC aspire to be a strong market player and a model manufacturer of home and personal care products in Ethiopia and Horn of Africa Region through backward and forward industrial linkages.


At Ethio Asian Industries PLC, businesses are managed for long-term success in a manner that is economically, environmentally and socially responsible. We demonstrate this through operating our business with honesty,integrityand confidentiality providing a safe workplace environment that posters dignity and respect, creating wealth for our stakeholders, supporting the sustainability of the environment and striving to make a positive difference in our local communities.


Established objectives of the company are:

  • To produce best laundry and toilet soaps to meet the interest and need of the market and stay competitive in the industry ,
  • To make its share of contribution to the country’s socio-economic and GDP development and  create job opportunity for both qualified and unskilled job seekers ,
  • To strive for import substitution as per countries policy for personal and home care products by producing quality products ,
  • Making our products at affordable costs and available so that everybody will have access to our products.
  • To maximize profitability on average of 25% increase each year by enhancing production efficiency


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Next TO Al amoudi, Buzayehu Tadele is arguably Ethiopi's Most significant business figure. His East African Holdings SC, With its nine associates and joint venture interests, employ more than 5,000 Ethiopians. East African Holdings operates in various sectors including manufacturing, agriculture, agro-processing,printing,packaging,real estate and import/export while the nine affilates produce, market and distribute fast moving consumer goods, and are focussed or real estate and construction

In 2009,East Africa Holdings entered into a joint venture company with AI Amoudi's Derba Midroc Cement plc to form the Holdings SC makes a virtue of its highly decentralised corporate structure with each of the subsidiaries treated as an autonomous and independent profit centre. this business philosophy was formulated when East African Holdings, which started in 2005 as a family business , became a share company in 2007.

Tadele comes from a famous Ethiopian business family . His father was a major coffee exporter who lost his company to nationalisation shortly after the communist takeover in 1974. Buzayehu Tadele went communist regime fell. He re0established the company and moved into tea packaging before establishing a tea-processing factory with the installed capacity to produce up to 2000 tons of tea annually. it is Ethiopia's leading tea exporter.

Today, the East African Group processes coffe,tea,pluses,oilseeds and spices for markets across the world, with its tea exports especially popular in Yemen and Gulf Region.

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Born in India, is married and blessed with three children. B. S. Shetty started his career in 1980 with the Britannia and Nutrine group (biggest biscuit and confectionary manufacturer in India. He has over 36 years experience with over 22 years in East and Sub Saharan Africa. (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia) He moved to Kenya in 1990 (First with Mibisco Ltd, largest producers of bread in the country[Supa Loaf] and later as GM with Jambo Biscuits[Britania], Kenya’s Leading Biscuit manufacturers) and came to Ethiopia in 2001 as an expatriate to join the East African Group.

He has been deeply involved in the current EATBI set up before the take over in 2010, joining first as Deputy GM and elevating to General Manager to the East African Group (Dukem Operations) and then elevated to Vice President (Food Industries, and later as Director- Group Business Development with East African Holding at their corporate office.

He was instrumental in developing and launching their diet supplement product which received unprecedented commercial success - Unimix and other successful home care brands like Solar, Lark and Micky biscuits.

Malaria consortium member in Ethiopia in a project in partnership with USAID and also was instrumental in launching the treated mosquito nets in Ethiopia with partnership with US government and also fought and won the case against the government to remove all VAT and taxes on the nets.

In 2007, he took over management of Ethio-Asia industries PLC by becoming a SHARE HOLDER and also as the general manager.

SHARE HOLDER&General Manager

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